VGA Male to HDMI Female Adapter

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Product Details

CableChum® offers the VGA Male to HDMI Female Adapter

This video adapter consists of a VGA male and USB A male on one end and a HDMI female connector on the other end. It is typically used to connect a VGA device such as a PC to a HDMI display such as a HDTV. The adapter supports audio as well via the USB connection.

Physical Characteristics
Color Black
Cable Length 6 inch VGA, 3 foot USB
Connector Plating Nickel
Connector A VGA Male
Connector B USB A Male (for Power and Audio)
Connector C HDMI Female
Max. Resolution 1920x1080 (1080p)
Environmental Compliant
RoHS Yes
Reach Yes
Conflict Minerals Yes
CableChum® offers the VGA Male to HDMI Female Adapter
VGA Adapters