Locking IEC to NEMA

These CableChum® power cord consist of a Locking connector to both or either side. The unique lockable connectors can be used with any standard IEC inlet or NEMA and guards against accidental disconnection of computers, PDU's, servers, most network devices and equipment.



Locking Power Cable Tool for IEC connector
The CPH-TL-PWL is a tool used to assist in unlocking locked power cords. Use this tool with: CPH-PWL-100-02 CPH-PWL-105-06 CPH-PWL-100-03 CPH-PWL-105-10 CPH-PWL-100-04 CPH-PWL-125C-02 CPH-PWL-100-06 CPH-PWL-125C-03 CPH-PWL-100-10 CPH-PWL-125C-04 CPH-PWL-105-02 CPH-PWL-125C-06 CPH-PWL-105-03...
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