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CableChum understands the need to have the right equipment for the job. Cables and Connectors are what we're all about. Let us know how we can help ! 

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Fiber Optic Cables - Fast without Interfernce

When you need that extra edge for optimal signal delivery without electrical interference during any power outages - Go Fiber.  Fast internet connections, or data signal transmission - Shop CableChum® single-mode and multi-mode Fiber Optic Cables with connectors.

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The Total Package - Home, Office Automation

Although home automation is not something new, today's discerning home buyers want all the bells and whistles when it comes to staying 'connected' with their homes.  Choosing quality and reliable wire and cable is the key to success.  Smart.

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The Value-Added Experience

Is there such a thing as too many gadgets for your Smartphone? Apparently not!  The only limit is your imagination - there is something for everyone.  Regardless of why or how you use your smartphone, there is a value-added experience waiting for you.

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Quality Apparel for Work and Play

At CableChum® we know you work hard and like to play even harder. Find quality apparel in your favourite labels.  Dri-Duck, Elevate, Root's73 to name just a few.  Wear the CableChum® label!   

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CableChum® and the DIY era

DIY tutorials on YouTube has forever changed the way people embark on what used to be complicated tasks - especially when it comes to home improvements which includes wire and...

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