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3.5mm Adapters

Buy Adapters online with CableChum® from RCA, XLR...stereo, mono - Find and buy these adapters here! Hands-free sets and headsets often use 3.5 mm or 2.5 mm connectors. Convert your Mini plug cable to plug into a full size 1/4" Stereo jack. These are commonly used as an adapter for earbuds or other earphones with portable audio mini plug headphone jacks. They can be connected to a receiver or home theater system, headphone jack.  

BNC Adapters

CableChum® is your source for buying BNC Adapters and connectors, offering a great selection find what you need here - At the right price! The BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) connector is a miniature quick connect/disconnect radio frequency connector used for coaxial cable, also known as a common RF connector.   It features two bayonet lugs on the female connector; mating is fully achieved with a quarter turn of the coupling nut.  BNC cables are usually used with: Radio antennas, Electronic equipment as well as Test Equipment.  

DC Power Adapters

CableChum® offers quality DC Power Adapters selection - Find what you need at the right price.  An AC adapter, AC/DC adapter, or AC/DC converter is an external power supply, often enclosed in a case similar to an AC plug. 

Display Port - Adapters

CableChum® offers quality Display Port Adapters - All you need - At the right price! Display Port cable adapters and connectors are utilized to connect a single-link DVI, an HDMI display, as well as a VGA display.  The Display adapter is also great at connecting laptops to older video projectors and so on.  

DVi Adapters

Buying your Adapters/Connectors with CableChum® ensures you of a great selection of  DVi Adapters you need - At the right price. Period. DVi Adapters/Connectors are used primarily to connect a video source, such as a video display controller to a display device, like a computer monitor.   DVI-A  carry  the DVI signal to an analog display,such as CRT and LCD monitors.  

RCA Adapters

CableChum® offers a great selection of all the RCA Adapters you need - At the right price! RCA adapters and connectors are most often utilized for audio and/or video connections.  Always keep extras handy.   

UHF Adapters

CableChum® offers a great selection of UHF Adapters you need - Find them, and buy them here. The UHF has been around since World War II but is still widely used in Radio (amateur), citizens band radio as well as marine VHF radio applications to name just a few. 

USB - Adapters

At CableChum® Buy USB Adapters - At the right price! Connect to your home or office network using a reliable and simple network adapter designed primarily for your laptop or desktop computer. USB adapters eliminates the need to hardwire your computer to a router or other network device. Get to your information quick and easy.  

VGA - Adapters

CableChum® offers a great selection of all the VGA Adapters you need - At the right price! VGA Adapters are utilized to connect your Apple devices to monitors, TV and projectors.  It is a 'veteran' type cable still used today setting up newer version projector/TV equipment.  VGA carries video signals only.  

XLR Adapters

CableChum® offers a wide selection of XLR Adapters - All you need - At the right price! XLR connectors and adapters are utilized in professional set-ups for audio, video and even stage lighting equipment.  They have either 3 or 7 pins, and are cylinder in design. Perfect for balanced audio interconnection, digital audio, lighting control,  some power supplies such as low-voltage and several other applications.