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Cat5E Patch Cords

A Category 5e patch cable is used to connect a computer to a router, a wall, or to another device. A Patch cord cable is stranded for flexibility, whereas standard cable is solid copper. Because the patch cable is stranded copper, the attenuation (signal loss) is higher on patch cords than solid cable, shortest lengths possible work best. CableChum® offers a variety of lengths and colors.

Fiber Optic Cable - Bulk

CableChum® offers quality Fiber Optic Cable in a convenient Bulk option - Shop Quality products at the right price. ''Optical fibres have become very important in high-speed communications, such as cable TV and high-speed broadband services. Information, in the form of pulses of light, is sent down bundles of optical fibres.''

USB - Adapters

At CableChum® Buy USB Adapters - At the right price! Connect to your home or office network using a reliable and simple network adapter designed primarily for your laptop or desktop computer. USB adapters eliminates the need to hardwire your computer to a router or other network device. Get to your information quick and easy.  

VGA - Adapters

CableChum® offers a great selection of all the VGA Adapters you need - At the right price! VGA Adapters are utilized to connect your Apple devices to monitors, TV and projectors.  It is a 'veteran' type cable still used today setting up newer version projector/TV equipment.  VGA carries video signals only.  

Display Port - Adapters

CableChum® offers quality Display Port Adapters - All you need - At the right price! Display Port cable adapters and connectors are utilized to connect a single-link DVI, an HDMI display, as well as a VGA display.  The Display adapter is also great at connecting laptops to older video projectors and so on.