IEC C20 to 2 x IEC C19 Power Splitter Cable - 14 AWG SJT

Power Cords Splitters

This CableChum® power splitter cord consists of a C20 male on one end and two C19 females on the other end. It is typically used on devices with multiple power supplies sharing one receptacle. These cables are constructed with UL mandated inner plastic frame molds to enhance terminal alignment and high quality molds. The connectors premium quality to ensure a snug fit into PDU receptacles. Each assembly is 100% continuity tested and 100% HVT (High Voltage) tested and inspected before shipping.

Physical Characteristics
Color Black
Number of Conductors 3 Conductor
Wire Gauge 14 AWG
Jacket Heavy Duty SJT
Jacket Material 100% Virgin PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
Jacket Fire Rating FT2
Strain Relief Molded 100% Virgin PVC
Temperature Rating -20 deg C to 105 deg C
Connector A IEC 60320 C20
Connector B IEC 60320 C19
Connector B IEC 60320 C19
Power Rating 15 Amp / 250 Volt
C19 c(UL)us
C19 c(UL)us
C20 c(UL)us
Cable c(UL)us, CSA
ISO ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14000
Environmental Compliant
RoHS Yes
Reach Yes
Conflict Minerals Yes
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1
IEC C20 to 2 x IEC C19 Power Splitter Cable - 14 AWG SJT - CableChum®
Power Cords Splitters
Length in Feet